Whom Will We Crucify Tomorrow?


Salvador Dalí

Jesus of Nazareth. Crucified because he was a threat to the Roman Empire’s national security state.

On Holy Saturdays, we Christians contemplate whom we will crucify tomorrow (although we don’t care to admit it).

Thumbs up? Thumbs down? What say you?

Josseline Janiletha Hernandez Quinteros (frozen, aged 14, El Salvador)  —  a “deterrent” said the Southwestern Border Strategy

Tamir Rice — a palpable threat said the officer on the day we commemorated the assassination of JFK

Transgender Asian prostitute  — “where is It now?” said the Alabama grand juror as the  amused attorney laughed (I swore I would not reveal her name)

Warren Weinstein and Giovanni Lo Porto, captured by Al-Qaeda — it was a mistake said Obama, we thought they were terrorists . . . . “collateral damage”

The Cracker (he flies a Confederate flag!) — “Don’t you get it? You ‘set the system’ “, said Jon Stewart after sipping coffee in the Oval Office

Gaddafi — “we came, we saw, he died” said Clinton (Hillary), laughing

Ricky Ray Rector — “will you save my pecan pie for later?” he asked the executioner, arranging his dessert on the side of his plate while Clinton (Bill) mentioned “I want to make sure he’s good and dead” (paraphrase) in Arkansas

Marissa Alexander, standing her ground — “we’ll tell you when to stand your ground” said the Florida jury as it sentenced her to 20 years

Frank Kameny, one of Dirksen’s “lavender lads”, ipso facto a threat to the National Security State and thus had to be fired

James Byrd, Jr. dragged to his death by white supremacists — “I don’t believe in capital punishment,” said his only son, “please spare the men who killed my father . . . . ”

Whom will we crucify tomorrow? What say you?



















One thought on “Whom Will We Crucify Tomorrow?

  1. We have warped the word collateral, because these are people we are not willing to stand beside, with DNA we have declared is not human; but maybe we are the ones who’ve lost our humanity, one noose, one injection, one drone, one baseball bat, one wall, one border patrol, one round of ammunition at a time.

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