Reviews of The Second Cooler

The Second Cooler Main Graphic, Kilpatrick


“Connects the dots between immigration and trade policy. Highly recommended.”
State Senator Chip Shields (D-Portland, Ore.)

“Blew me away.” Jose Perez, DREAMER

“Goes where few other films go–no filters presented, required, or encouraged.”            Victor Palafox, DREAMER

“After I watched The Second Cooler, I could barely move. Profound.”
Rev. Dr. Alice Hunt, President, Chicago Theological Seminary

“Transforms those who watch it.”
Rev. Delle McCormick
Former Executive Director, BorderLinks, USA

“Strong in giving voice to those who might otherwise be voiceless.”
David Person
Member, Board of Contributors, USA Today

“Nothing short of magnificent!”
Dr. J. David Gillespie
Author, “Challengers to Duopoly: Why Third Parties Matter in American Two Party Politics”

“We all need to shout about this film! It is prophetic and can change lives and systems.”
Rev. Howard Williams
Weatherly Heights Baptist Church

“Tackles the issue head on.”
Eric Lee

“Hard to dismiss or forget.”
J. Wayne Flynt
Co-Founder, Alabama Poverty Project and Sowing Seeds of Hope

Kay Campbell, The Huntsville Times

Paula Clayton Dempsey
The Alliance of Baptists

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